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Issue #2

SaiyaMan Bleach 14 Raw was released.
Lunar Bleach 14 Subbed has been released.
oceanizer announces Bleach Chapter 163 Raw is out. Link also leads to the discussion.
Rie Fu's new album comes out Jan. 19th, which includes Life is Like a Boat on it.
simply_shine has a post on where to get the Bleach 2005 manga calender.
isa_chan posted links to downloads for the Bleach opening and ending songs and sequences.
deaxolff has the new ED to Bleach up for download.
sugaahcube has screencaps of Bleach 14 up.

araenai started the discussion on Bleach 14 here.
aoyagi_rikka has a discussion going on whether or not Ichigo can die.

darkenedsakura's ficlet Black, White, and Shades of Grey (gen, Rukia-centric)
fat's fic Shiro-chan (gen, Hitsugaya and Momo)
kristiann's fic Counting Sheep (gen, Yachiru and Zaraki)
majochan's posted part one and part two of Oh Come, All Ye Faithful, a Bleach Christmas fic (gen, humor, Ishida-centric)
swollenfoot's Conundrum (gen, Nanao and Shunsui, spoilers for manga chapter #138)

billypilgrim's pic of drunken Ishida at a karaoke bar.
halcyonjazz has bleach doodles, naked, curvy Orihime,
darcisan has drawn milked out Yoruichi, Rukia and Ichigo
darkenedsakura's pic of Rukia.
jing's pics of Renji and Rukia.
little_dog's pic of Renji.
sora_ko's has seven pages of a dj based on a fanfic up, as well as pics of Ichimaru Gin, Rukia, Rukia and Byakuya, and Rukia and Kon.
starsofnite's pics of Yachiru, young Rukia and Renji, and Orihime.
wanderingkabuki's pic of Ichigo.
zanazac's birthday pic of Jidanbou.

kawool has a new Bleach fansite up at Bleach Society.

akioohtori posted a mood set for download.
littledust posted 13 Bleach icons.
gosumie posted two episode Bleach 14 icons.
isa_cahn posted 6 icons.
kite010 posted seven icons and 9 Kuukaku and 3 Soi Fong icons.
modoki_icons posted six icons.
fabulousnotion posted 27 icons.
rinslet's colorbar of Ishida is dorky love!.
teatalk posted nine icons.
wizardist posted three icons.

bleach_icontest has started Week 07 voting.
bleach_random has extended its current contest one more week.
kurosaki_clinic has a 'contest' up for all icon makers.

underthemoon posted pictures of Shinigami hilts that were made.

Fandom ongoings can be left in a comment or emailed to rukongaireport (at) yahoo.com.
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