Jumping back - quick Issue #18

Notes: This is really quick and roughly put together and, um, hi again?. I only went through a few of the major comms as I don't have much time tonight and I know I missed things. I'm not quite sure what happened with the missing week, as well, but here we go. Backtracking for the week of April 29th to May 5th.

Anouncements and Other Important Things
A reminder of soul_society rules are posted.
stardust_rain compiled a list of Bleach communities

Episode 30 Raw was released by Xylomen Raws and L33t-Raws
Episode 30 subbed is released by Lunar
The Raw of chapter 177 was posted along with its translation
soifon posts a translation to 177.
D.technoLife has a single release date
electra_torch posts Episode 30 screencaps
omchan posted the cover of DVD vol. 5 and the WJ #23 cover
kirimi posts that DVD vol. 6 will come with a 2nd bonus drama CD
shiroro posts downloads and translations to Bleach 'B' Station 05
autumnia posted downloads to the Bleach 'B' Station 04

feather_down posted a Byakuya defense essay.

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Leave a comment if anything was missed. Thank you!
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Issue #19

Notes: So here we have the Bleach happenings from May 6th to May 12th. If I missed anything between those dates, please let me know, and I'll add them in!

Last week's report can be found here, so feel free to put up anything missed over there.

SaiyaMan Bleach 31 Raw is released
Chihiro and Lunar release Bleach 31
nchantedsakura uploaded the Houki Boshi PV with several mirrors in the comments.
electra_torch has Bleach 32 screencaps (complete episode, has spoilers)
hidden_gems uploaded the "violin scene" from episode 17
davenfonet wants AMV feedback
innocentlyjaded posted Renji screencaps
undead_milkman created a Byakuya Fan Package
d_grayman uploaded scanlated volume 15 extra
sokkenai uploaded Soi Fong images from the episode 31 ED
phoenyxraine uploaded episode 31 ED
15plus uploaded Urahara lines from 6-14 and images from the episode 31 ED
shattterheart posts 2nd Ishida/Ichigo fst and, also the 3rd fst

halcyonjazz posts about demon arts, Aizen, and Urahara and Tessai
plumvs asks about the deeper meaning of Bleach (possible spoilers in comments)
babbitblob has something to point out (spoilers)
oceanizer posts a chapter 178 spoiler
sadicque asks about Hisagi, chapter 177 spoiler
stardust_rain posts about "Kubo's style of story telling, reappearance of characters, etc." (spoiler warnings)
biteme65 asks about why people like Renji
undead_milkman asks why people like Byakuya
shuugasmer asks why people like Shuuhei
fuzipenguin asks about Benihime
jen_kat wants to know what Rukia would do if Ichigo dyed his hair (possible)
lemonyloyce has a discussion going on Rukia's past

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Issue #17

Notes: Only a note to myself this time: NEVER, EVER, EVER, wait until Friday morning to run about LJ trying to get all of the Bleach posts, ever again. Never. If I missed anything (or linked to the wrong entry, wrong person, et cetera) just let me know!

Lunar has episode 29 subbed
Saiyaman releases Episode 29 raw
shiroro uploads Bleach B-Station #2 and 3
sensorglitch posted a link to Bleach 176 Raw
kirimi posts pictures and information about the AniKichi special in Jump.
electra_torch posts episode 29 screencaps
sidh posts screencaps of the episode 28 ED
lizalou42 posted Bleach flyers
15plus posts screencaps and a raw episode, as well as more screencaps from episode 19, episode 29 ED screencap and animation, and episode 20 screencaps

dwaro starts a discussion about Aizen and his powers
brainmuffin starts a discussion about Aizen
avianthropy created a poll on whether or not Rukia has a mullet
kasumi_blue wonders whether different Quincy had their own weapons
autophanous has thoughts about 176
arctos0384 has questions about Gin, and Isida, Urahara, Ichigo, and the Hougyouku
harryslibrarian asks about Ishida's Quincy powers (spoilers)
thoudeadringer starts a discussion about Bleach breast sizes
ashchan has several thoughts on Bleach
goldberry asks who you would cast in a Bleach Live Action show
ashchan asks why people like Shunsui/Nanao
ai_kizu asks what people thought of chapter 176

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Aizen/Hitsugaya It's yummy crack

(no subject)

Notes: I'm really sorry this is late guys! I had super busy week with projects and papers and I ended up crashing and sleeping all Friday and most of today. x.x So here's everything that happened April 15th through the 21th, and if I missed anything please let me know. Sorry again! ><

sn0wlaku8n posted links to better quality 175 raws
oceanizer posted Ch 176 Text Spoiler, Ch 176 Very LQ Digital Camera Pics and Bleach c176 Raw and translation a discussion followed in the comments.
Bleach Episode 28 Raw is out
15plus posted screencaps of 28 and The (almost) complete Ishi/hime moment
babbitblob posted screencaps of 28
Chihiro's sub of ep 28 is out
Lunar's sub of 28 is out
lizalou42 posted scans of a booklet for the Bleach video game found in VJump, May 2005. Part two of the scans here
15plus posted yousendit links for raws 3,4,&10-14
seca posted information on the Bleach OST

stardust_rain posted theories in response to chapter 175.
15plus strated a discussion about Urahara Kisuke (spoilers for recent chapters)
wowzers01 started a discussion on Ichigo's Unusual Ability
serpent_cross started a discussion about the length of the anime
nishikaze630 started a discussion about Tousen and Gin (spoilers for recent chapters)
haya5h1 posted Bleach PSP game question
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Fandom ongoings may be left in a comment.
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Issue #15

Notes: This issue contains postings from April 9th to April 14th. This will be my last posting until at least September as my summer job will not allow me access to a computer often or allow me to update on the correct day. knockthedoor and queenallie03 will now be switching off every other week between themsleves. See ya!

Saiyaman's Raw of Bleach 27 was released</a>.
Chihiro and Lunar fansubs are released.
Chapter 175 is released. Discussion occurs within comments.
kremlin_dusk posted screencaps of episode 27.
serpent_cross posted downloads for the 3rd Division ending.
Links were posted to download the new opening and ending themes of Bleach.
Orihime will be featured of the Bleach DVD volume 4.
seca posts scans of scans of Bleach DVD volume 3.
shiroro posts The Bleach Radio show station 01 up for download</a>.
Some of the cast for the Bleach Musical was listed.
More cast info on BleachMyu and information on the Bleach radio show.

goldberry starts a dicussion about Ichigo's powers.
halcyonjazz posts a crack!theory about chapter 175.
ddiviner posts more theorization about chapter 175.
karu_chan starts a discussion on Viz's translation of the manga.

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Fandom ongoings may be left in a comment.
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Issue #14

Notes: Ah! I meant to post this earlier, but I overslept and then realized I had forgotten to check a few communities for indexing. If anyone notices anything missing that was posted between April 1st to April 7th please comment and let me know!

Lunar put out Bleach 26 subbed
Saiyaman releases Bleach 26 raw
shiroro posts Bleach Chapter #00
laboo posts Chapter 174 raw
soifon translated 174
sugaahcube posts Bleach 26 screencaps
serpent_cross posts yousendit links to the new OP/ED videos
sorakazi ripped the new ED
kirimi posts about The Bleach episode memories in the rain being available on DVD at the Jump Shop
sidh made a mini movie out of fan art, and another one here.

wowzers01 starts two discussions, both related to Hollows (in relation to Aizen and Rukia/Kaien), and two brainstorms regarding Aizen
meidara talks about Aizen and Rukia
goldberry starts a discussion about favourite Bleach characters aside from Ichigo/Rukia

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Once again, if I missed anything, please let me know.
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Aizen/Hitsugaya It&#39;s yummy crack

Issue #13

Notes: This is everything that has happened in the Bleach fandom from the 25th-31st. Or at least I tried to get all of it. ^^;;

Lunar has subbed ep. 24
Bleach 25 RAW out
Lunar has subbed ep. 25
Chapter 173 Raw and translation
sidh made an AMV/Montage
kremlin_dusk posted Episode 25 Screencaps
sugaahcube posted Episode 25 Screencaps
syokhan posted the V Jump 5 Special and shiroro translated it.
shiroro posted tanslations of the Master Game Book
iyouboushi posted Bleach Book Adventure translations
_hissori posted about a Bleach Radio Show

fistofdemonking started a discussion about Shinigami's Ban Kai
hi_chan started a discussion about Chapter 173
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If there was anything that I missed please leave it in a comment.
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Issue #12

Notes: The Bleach fandom continues to grow and I've tried my best to find everything that's been posted this last week from the 18th to the 24th, but if I've missed anything, please let me know. A lot of stuff was posted this week. You're all trying to kill us, I swear. :p

Bleach 24 Raw was released by Saiyaman.
Bleach 172 Raw was posted. Discussion takes place in comments and two translations can be found there as well.
wagamamajuliet posted Bleach 24 screencaps.
suugahcube posted Bleach 24 screencaps.
isa_chan posted Bleach 24 screencaps.
Raw for chapter -17 was posted as well as a link to translation.

d_grayman starts a discussion on what happens when the anime catches up to the manga.
ladykuja starts a discussion on Conspiracy theories in the SS arc.
kasumi_blue starts a discussion on voice actors for a dub.
On friends-locking certain media-entries. (friends-locked)
goldberry starts a discussion on how Bleach will end. (Ichigo/Rukia centric)

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Fandom ongoings may be left in a comment.
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Issue #11

Notes: Well, I was sure kept busy this week! Once again, if I missed anything, or messed anything up, please leave a comment or email me at touchingthegirls @ gmail.com with any posts that happened from March 11th to March 17th.

Bleach 23 RAW is subbed by Saiyaman
Bleach 23 is subbed by Chihiro and Lunar
sugaahcube posts Bleach 23 screencaps
isa_chan posts Bleach 23 screencaps
oceanizer posts Bleach Jump scans and Chapter 171
fat posts the cover of the 16th tankoubon
arienai posts Bleach White Day card scans
finnimon posted scans of the upcoming Bleach game
seca found the Bleach volume 3 DVD cover
__wrongxagain posted Bleach 22 screencaps

tekdeath starts a discussion on chapter 170, Aizen & Hitsugaya
seoinage brings up when Bleach will end
stardust_rain starts a discussion on shocking moments in Bleach
goldberry starts a discussion on possibilities for Rukia's bankai name/command phrase
ringononohara talks about Bleach name meanings (mostly Rukia and Ichigo's names)
15plus asks about the possibility of Urahara being evil
mpogalin discusses Gin in episode 23 as compared to Gin throughout the manga
anisky0703 talks about chapter 171

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Fandom ongoings may be left in a comment or emailed to rukongaireport (at) yahoo.com
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Renji!!!! &lt;33

(no subject)

Notes: Nothing from the newest pairing communities created during this past week has been posted. Please visit the communities to see about fanart and fanfics from their respective pairings. Sorry!

hemisofia made a Rukia playlist in fst
shiroro posted the lyrics for Stray Dog - Renji's Theme
Bleach ep 22 raw by Saiyaman
sugaahcube posted Ep. 22 screencaps
Bleach 22 subbed (chihiro)
Lunar -- Bleach 22
170 raw was posted (discussion follows)

dosetsu posted Zanpaku Sword Megapost: Deluxe Collector's Edition, Remastered with a list of all Zanpaku swords and their abilities and a discussion followed.
halcyonjazz posted a conspiracy theory (spoiler through newer chapters)
sandypaw asked a question about Reincarnation in Bleach
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Fandom ongoings may be left in a comment or emailed to rukongaireport (at) yahoo.com
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